Indian Fashions & Styles: Square Wool Scarf Winter Fashion Accessory

Winter is seems to be a pleasant time for hot country like India. Winter fashion in India is different from those western cold countries as well. In this cold season people cover their body with warm clothes & other wool accessories. But those days are gone when people used to wear woolen clothes just to warm their bodies. Today people wear fashionable winter clothes & other fashion accessories during this season. Most of people uses shawls, scarves, fashion ponchos & neck scarves or mufflers during this season of cold winds. While most of the girls & ladies are seen wearing a square wool scarf around their neck. Winter fashion Accessories like square scarf are used around the wold as winter accessories as well as a fashion accessory these days.

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Shawls Scarves Stoles: Cashmere Muffler or Neck Scarf from India

Looking your best in cool weather is not hard when you have right accessories that can get you noticed in any crowd. A cashmere muffler or neck scarf from India always add stunning style in you personality with the softest comfort and warming you neck.

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Apjav – The Mystic Five Elements

Mystic five elements of creation are very well described in many Hindu & Buddhist scriptures. These five elements are responsible for all living or non-living things in the universe, which are well described as Fire, Earth, Water, Space and Air (Wind) . In Hindi Agni, Prithvi, Jal, Akash, Vayu all abbreviated as “Apjav”


These five elements are responsible for all creations around us. Even all of us are also the creation of these five elements. It is well mentioned in Ayurveda that all objects of the universe are made of five basic elements.When all these or some of these elements are combined together there will be a creation. All living or non-living things are made by elements in a unique manner for different creations of the Universe. But for a class or race of any creation it always been in same proportion. That is why there are many types of living & non- living things around us, but they all have their specific classes & sub-classes according to these Five Major elements’ proportion in them.